Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Primordial wiederveröffentlichen ein Album

PRIMORDIAL werden am 11. bzw. 14. Februar ihren Klassiker "Storm Before Calm" (Der Song Fallen To Ruin ist einfach unglaublich! -Red.) wiederveröffentlichen. Das Originalalbum erscheint in einem Doppel-Digipak mit neuem Artwork, als remasterte Version. Als Bonus gibt es noch eine DVD dazu, mit dem Auftritt von PRIMODIAL, auf dem Summer Breeze 2004.

Sänger A.A. Nemtheanga kommentiert:

"Storm before calm is the album in many respects the album that got away. The label at the time was shipping water and about to go under and despite the positive press the impact made was far less than previous album "Spirit the earth aflame". Everything somehow seemed like an afterthought, the artwork was not what we had in mind and something we always regretted. Halfway through the recording the plug was almost pulled by the studio, no money had come through to pay the deposit. It was only for the understanding of engineer Mags and the owners that we were allowed to continue and "Storm" even existed at all. One thing looking back that doesn't seem like such an afterthought to me is the songs. We may have been grappling with Pro Tools, what was a new concept and technology for us that perhaps took some of the rich edge of the music but they still sound strong. Opener "Heretics Age" hit harder than anything we had done before to the W.B Yeats poem "Hosting of the Sidhe" which did the great mans words justice "Storm" is a strong album that perhaps never quite got the respect nor attention it deserved from either the press or fans. However it's with great pleasure we can re-release the album with proper and revised artwork, give the music a small but faithful re-master and as a bonus disc our performance at Summer Breeze in 2004. It's obvious we had yet to learn our trade playing on big stages but it's an interesting snapshot of the band from the "Storm" period. Enjoy!"

Außerdem haben PRIMORDIAL gerade ihre Aufnahmen zum siebten Studioalbum "Redemption At The Puritan's Date" abgeschlossen. Im April wird die Platte erscheinen.

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