Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Grand Magus - Sagen Tour mit Grave Digger ab

GRAND MAGUS Schlagzeuger "Seb" liegt momentan mit ernsthaften Venen Problemen im Krankenhaus und somit ist die Band gezwungen, die Tour mit GRAVE DIGGER abzusagen.

Das Statement der Band: "It is with deep sadness we deliver the the news that Grand Magus drummer Sebastian has been afflicted with deep vein thrombosis - blood clots in the deep veins of the legs. The immediate effect of this is that he can't play at all because of the pain and swelling. However, this is a serious condition that must be treated immediately to avoid that the clots travels to the lungs. He's in hospital at the moment and will initially be treated via injections and pills with anti-coagulation medicine. For the duration of the treatment he'll have to be checked daily at the hospital. Anti-coagulation medicine also has dangerous side effects, most obvious that bleeding or blows to the body must be avoided at all costs, since the blood won't stop flowing. In the case of internal bleeding it could be lethal.

Grand Magus wish to extend their deepest apologies to all who were looking forward to bang their heads to Magus during this european tour, and also to Grave Digger. This is a terrible situation, but really a case of Force Majeure and not something that can be solved in any other way due to the circumstances."

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